Instrument Night

Hello parents,

My name is Jessica Thacker and I am the new director at the Middle School. I have already had the pleasure of meeting many of you, but if I have not already I am looking forward to it.

Instrument night for 6th grade is tomorrow night in the gym from 5pm-8pm. You may come anytime during that time frame. This is where you can talk to someone about buying or renting an instrument. This is a MUST for my new players or any student wishing to switch instruments. If your student was in band last year they do not have to attend unless you want to. This is a GREAT opportunity to upgrade instruments, buy cleaning supplies, Book 2 (which EVERY student will need), and a really neat folding music stand. If you do not come then you can buy book 2 from me for $10

I will be sending a letter home either tomorrow or Thursday about Jump Start Camp, which is this Saturday.

Camp is from 9am-12pm and will start out in the gym.