Summer Camp Opportunities


Below are some recommendations from Mr. Huls sent out to the Junior High students for summer music camps. I would like to piggy back off of him and reiterate that these camps will give your kids a safe and positive learning environment while attended. Your students will grow as musicians, make new friends, and have an absolute blast. Please consider enrolling your student in one of the camps listed below.

University of Georgia Summer Music Camp


Encore Band Camp

Athena Music Camp

New Notes Middle School Band Camp

Vivace Summer Band Camp




-M. Menendez


  1. Ms. Menendez, We are looking at the band camp ideas (thank you for the email), and wondering if it’s possible to borrow/rent a horn for Mark for the summer (especially for a camp).

    Thank you, Annette Zimmer

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    1. The answer is “yes” for borrowing a horn for the summer. He will sign a form at the end of the school year for that.


  2. This is Destiny Jones’ mother Ashley, I could not get the UWG site to open up nor could I find it on the college website. Could you please send me the information for this camp? Thanks

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