Band day (6th grade)

Please notify me if you are able to assist this Monday for Band Day. I will be honest, without parent help it will be VERY difficult for me to run the day smoothly by myself. Please view the previous post to sign up to chaperone OR you may email me directly.

Our students have agreed to bring in some items on Monday.

Woodwinds: chips and sides

Brass: sodas and water (cans or 2 liter bottles)

Percussion: desserts

Some great news: our students will play some cheers and their band pieces along side the high school students when we walk down to visit. This will be the highlight for many of them. You are welcome to come watch at the high school band room. We should be walking down around 8:10 from the middle school.

I look forward to spending Monday with the 6th graders!




  1. Ms. Menendez,

    Hi, this is Thomas Snider’s mom. I can help. What time would you like me to be there? I would love to see them play. I meant to email you earlier when I saw your first email. Thank you for all you do.

    Kristina Eddleman


    1. Good afternoon,

      Our band kids will report to me after 7:45 and we will try to walk down to the high school around 8:10. You’re welcome to join us and then you would get to see Thomas perform.



  2. Mrs. Menendez, I can help during my lunch hour which can be an hour anytime around lunchtime. Would that help?

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. We should eat around 11:45. Pizzas are set to arrive at 11:30. Help during that time would be great so that we can serve them food.


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