Month: April 2017

Recruitment Concert/Band BBQ

Good morning and happy Sunday!

This Tuesday at 9 AM the 6th grade band members will perform a small concert for our 4th graders. This concert will be during the school day and will not require anything special other than their performance uniform. Students will report to the band room after the Broadcast (announcements) and will come to the multi-purpose room so that we can rehearse until the 9AM performance. I am so proud to have our fantastic 6th grade band to demonstrate the excellence of the Middle School program that they have established this year to our potential future band members! A few parent volunteers would help. Please email me or comment on this post if you are available to help from around 8:00-10:00 AM this Tuesday.

6th grade Flutes only: Those of you who have been invited to perform at the Band BBQ at the high school on Thursday, May the 4th will need to report to the band room at 10:15 AM on Thursday. Mrs. Lyle will have a quick rehearsal with you and then you all will walk down to the high school to perform. The performance will be around 11 AM. Those who would like to watch are recommended to arrive a little earlier than 11 so that you can find a great spot to watch the performance. They will perform underneath the Away bleachers. I am so excited to see you all perform this Thursday!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

-Ms. Menendez


Good morning,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your HARD work on the AYP fundraiser. I sold out of the first bunch and had to ask the company for more to sell! We sold out and made a lot of profit that will go directly towards your student. Thank you so much for taking the time to support our band program.

I know that Friday of this week will be a normal day at the Middle School so please make sure that your student brings their instrument on Friday for class. Please also ask your student to practice this week because the end of the year will involve a lot of playing and even a concert for the 4th graders that the 6th graders play in. I do not have the exact date of the recruitment concert but know that it is during the school day and is just a concert that we play to encourage the younger kids to consider joining band.

Please refer to an earlier post and consider enrolling your student in private lessons on their instrument. A lot of kids will take private lessons in the summer so that they stay in shape, work on some things to fix and prepare some more advanced concepts for the next school year. If the pricing is not good for you then I recommend emailing me and I will find a high schooler that I trust to teach your kid for much less money.

Your kids are the best and you all are such a supportive set of families. Thank you for all that you do.


Ms. Menendez


Good evening,

I hope that my students are enjoying Spring Break and I am sorry for the family members who have to continue working! I cannot say enough about the concert this past Thursday! The students were professional, focused, and sounded amazing! I have heard many great things about their performance and how they carried themselves that entire night. I am so proud of each and every one of the students. Congratulations on another fantastic concert.

There is a concert tomorrow night at the University of West Georgia. Just like the last concert that I performed in, the first portion is the Symphonic Band and the second portion is the Brass Ensemble. The brass ensemble portion contains a solo by the trombone professor the University of Florida which may excite some of our low brass palyers. I was thrilled to see some students in the audience at the last concert and would love to have them hearing not only me play in a professional setting, but hear other extremely talented individuals performing on their instruments. Info is posted below:

Symphonic Band and Brass Ensemble: Cale Self, conductor
Friday, February 24, 2017 • 7:30 PM
Townsend Center for the Performing Arts
Free admission


Now that our concert season has relaxed I would like to really encourage students to consider taking private lessons on their instrument. This is an opportunity to really enhance their skills and understanding of their instrument with someone who is specialized on their specific instrument. Private lessons can be used for students who feel that they are behind or students that need an extra challenge. The job of the private lesson instructor is to meet your student where they are at and help them grow while learning to love their instrument!

If your student is competitive than they will want to know that students who take private lessons tend to place higher in rankings at the Junior High for chair placements and in competitions such as District Honor Band and All- State. Competitions such as DHB and All State are great items to put on your resume as you apply to colleges later high school. Colleges love seeing students take the initiative to grow in a subject outside of the school day and they even offer scholarships for students to play in their ensembles. I took private lessons in 9th grade all the way through college and regretted not beginning earlier. They completely changed my playing and especially my work ethic, which I have carried on with me into other areas of my life. I have attached a list of instructors that I trust who will charge fairly low prices and who will be flexible to meet the needs of you and your student. They can work with your child once a week or once every few weeks, whatever works best for you! Please let me know if you have any questions and take advantage of the outstanding musicians in our area at the University of West Georgia and beyond.

Mary Kathryn Newton, flute
Amari Jimenez, flute
Mariana Fraire, oboe
Jourdan Speesen, bassoon
Kyle Willoughby, clarinet
Kristen Greenstein, clarinet
David Jones, saxophone
Alex Payne, saxophone
Michaela Wilkinson, horn
Jules Antoine, horn
Thomas Frost, trumpet
Zoe Kriegel, trumpet
Erik Payton, trombone
Keidis Smith, trombone
Wesley Grace, tuba
Luke Bass, tuba
Emma Eddleman, percussion
Martez Stroud, percussion
Emily Olson, percussion
Mary Kathryn Newton <>, Amari Jimenez <>, Mariana Fraire <>, Jourdan Speessen <>, Kyle Willoughby <>, Kristen Greenstein <>, David Jones <>, Alexander Payne <>, Michaela Wilkinson <>, Jules Antoine <>, Thomas Frost <>, Zoe Kriegel <>, Erik Payton <>, Keidis Smith <>, Wesley Grace <>, Luke Bass <>, Emma Eddleman <>, Martez Stroud <>, Emily Olson <>
I have so much love for the students and families that surround this program. Thank you for your constant support and have a wonderful evening.
Ms. Menendez