Good morning, 

Please encourage your kids to sell AYP cards this weekend. They are a hot item and the word is out in the community. $15 cash or $15 check written out to CMS band. 

Sell five get one free!

Other band programs in the county are selling cards. We must hurry and ask the people around us before others do! 

Once your student has money they will turn the money into our safe in the band room in an envelope with their name and how many AYP cards that they need. I will count the money and return their envelope to them the next day with the number of AYP cards that they are owed. The student will then be able to deliver the cards to their customers. 

Please encourage your student to sell at least five so that you all can enjoy that free card. 
Happy selling! 

One comment

  1. Taylor maxwell is turning in an envelope today but I think I forgot to put her name on it. It’s blue with 2 checks.

    Thanks, Andrea.

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