Playing Test Grades

Good evening,

We still have many students who have not attempted to record their playing tests again to  improve their grade. There are some who still have not turned in an initial recording. I was forgiving this time and did not count those as zeros in the grade book but will not be able to argue for your student when report cards come out and they still have a 70. The goal is to make sure that the students are practicing and aiming high. Please check the grade of your student in band and make sure that it is a 100. Any questions may be directed to me at (preferably not a comment on this post since everyone can read your comments).

Students may make up playing assignments, get extra help, or get some practicing in each and every day after school until 3PM in the band room. Please make sure that the students are picked up promptly at 3PM.

6th grade will have a playing test on their Concert F scale this Friday. Please encourage practicing on their part. They will be required to finger and name their scale as well as play it in the pattern written on their scale sheet.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Ms. Menendez

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