Month: January 2017

Playing Test Grades

Good evening,

We still have many students who have not attempted to record their playing tests again to  improve their grade. There are some who still have not turned in an initial recording. I was forgiving this time and did not count those as zeros in the grade book but will not be able to argue for your student when report cards come out and they still have a 70. The goal is to make sure that the students are practicing and aiming high. Please check the grade of your student in band and make sure that it is a 100. Any questions may be directed to me at (preferably not a comment on this post since everyone can read your comments).

Students may make up playing assignments, get extra help, or get some practicing in each and every day after school until 3PM in the band room. Please make sure that the students are picked up promptly at 3PM.

6th grade will have a playing test on their Concert F scale this Friday. Please encourage practicing on their part. They will be required to finger and name their scale as well as play it in the pattern written on their scale sheet.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Ms. Menendez

Playing Test Assignment Grades

Good evening,

It is 10 PM and I have just completed entering the test grades from our assignment that was due on January the 13th. The students used their new accounts to log into and practice then record their assignment.

For students who either forgot to submit their assignment or recorded it but need some extra work have been given a 70 in the gradebook. That is simply a place holder until your student either re-submits their assignment (after some practicing) OR sends in their original recording correctly. *Many of the students DID record their assignment but neglected to go to their “saved recordings” folder and actually submit the assignment* If your child believes that they have submitted the recording correctly then please double check that the “submit” button is green.

All students who submitted a recording have comments written by me that they can read when they log into their account. I expect all students to read these comments. Signing into the account will help to notify if your student’s recording submitted successfully and if so, whether they received a hundred or whether they need to submit the assignment again with improvements. There will be a RED FLAG if your students submitted their test but needs to record it again.  I will hand out progress reports tomorrow and notify which students need to re-take their assignments, and which students that I have nothing turned in for.

All grades may be made up in my class for full credit. I test my students for an opportunity to hear them individually and assist them, not to penalize them or scare them. Although a little fear in making them practice for a test does not hurt 😉

Allowing me to hear your students individually is VITAL for the success of the band. Imagine teaching a math class but never having a piece of homework or test to take home and grade. How would the teacher know if your child understands the content? Tests like this allow me to do just.

Please contact me with questions regarding this test and allow me to get your student to get their grade up to the 100 that we are all aiming for!


Ms. Menendez



Assignment Due at Midnight

Please remember that the Essential Elements assignment is due tonight at Midnight. Please refer to their handout or the previous post on this website with a video included to help you out if your student has not yet recorded their assignment.

Some of our band students got to meet Silento yesterday as he visited the middle school. I have attached a picture below. He walked over to some of our sixth graders and asked them if he could take a picture with them. They were excited! Have a great long weekend and look out for the Carrollton Trojan Band in the parade on Monday.



-M. Menendez

Essential Elements Assignment

Good evening,

I hope that you are all rested and ready to begin this semester with enthusiasm! I feel so thankful to be back working with your amazing students and feel rejuvenated from our break.

A quick note: The yearbook is looking for pictures of our students at their Holiday Concert. If you have any photos from that night whether it is of us on stage or of your kids please email them to me so that I can forward them to be put in our yearbook!

I have attached a video below that will explain how the students will turn in their assignment that is due on this Friday, the 13th. The students have created accounts on the Essential Elements Interactive website and have received guidance and training on how to use this software. Thankfully, it is at no cost to any of us and it can be reached anywhere that has internet, on any device that has internet. There is even an app for the iPad that has just been released.

Please log on to

The username for the students is their first and last name with no spaces or capital letters. The password was set by the students.

Please watch the video with your student and assist them in having the assignment turned in by the 13th of January. I would prefer for it to be turned in early if possible!

-Ms. Menendez